Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Harris Teeter - April 28th

Quick trip to HT to use a few expiring coupons on the last day of the sale prices!
Here's what I got:

2 Tetley tea - $3.69 BOGO Free
- used two .75 cent coupons (doubled)
= 2 Free

4 Skippy peanut butter - on sale 2/$4
- used four .55 cent coupons (doubled)
= .90 cents each

4 Dial bar soap - on sale 4/$5
- used two $1/2 coupons
= .75 cents each at the store
Mobisave deposit of $3 
= 4 Free

2 Mahatma rice - on sale $1 each
- used two .50 cent coupons (doubled)
= 2 Free

Old Spice soap - on sale 2/$4
- used $2/2 coupon
- e-coupon .75 cents
= $1.25 for 2 

Tax = .83 cents
Total for haul = $2.08

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Target Haul - April 28th

Today I had to run by Target to get some oatmeal for my boyfriend, Taylor. Here's what I got and what I spent.

4 Quaker Oatmeals $2.99 each
- used 4 $1 off coupons

1 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars $4.99
- 10% off Cartwheel offer
- $1 off coupon 

I also spend over $15 on Quaker products so I used a $5/$15 Target coupon!

I used a resuable shopping bag and saved an extra .05 cents!

My total turned out to be: $6.68
Tax was: .29 cents

I used a gift card I recieved from a previous purchase and PAID NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Smiley360 - FREE ITEMS

I have discovered a new company called Smiley360, where you complete missions and get to try new products first!

here is my first mission and review!

i tried wonka randoms!

they were all different in the bag... no two alike in a hand full!
i loved the juicy filled ones!
very delicious and fruity in every bite!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Money Saving Apps

Want to extend your savings further than just coupons and store sales?
Check out these money saving apps you can download on your smart phone, tablet, or some are even websites!

Let's start off simple.. 
Everyone goes shopping, everyone recieves receipts. What do you do with those receipts? Most of us either throw them away or store them in case of a return, taxes, etc. 
RECEIPT HOG is an app that pays you for all those receipts! 
All you do is snap a picture of your receipt and it gives you coins and other prizes. The more receipts added, the more coins you get! 
You turn your coins into CASH! Yes, real money!
This app is also good for keeping track of how much you spend since it keeps all your receipts in one place!
Start by downloading the app here and use refferal code SRTAR730 for extra coins now! 

Check out IBOTTA next!
You will need to "discover" products you plan on purchasing by learning facts, watching short videos, taking a poll, etc. Then you will upload a picture of your receipt after scanning the barcodes of the items you purchased that match the rebates.
Use my referral code GMROKRN or the link below for extra monthly teamwork bonuses (more cash!)
Recieve your cash through Paypal or turn it into a gift card (itunes, starbucks, movies, etc).

Next we have CHECKOUT 51!
New offers are added each Thursday and the items must be bought while the offers are live. Upload a picture of your receipt to claim the offers.
Claim $20 and they will mail you a check!

SHOPKICK is an app that uses your phones location to give you "kicks" (points) for visiting certain stores. You can also scan items at that store for more points. Turn your kicks into an awesome prize, such as a gift card, or even a cruise!

SAVINGSTAR is one of my favorites! Add the items you are going to buy to your "list" before purchasing them.
Link your store savings cards (such as CVS, Food Lion, etc) and they'll do the work for you!
Stores without a linked savings card (Walmart, Target, etc) will need to be manually entered for rebates by scanning the barcode of the products bought and uploading the receipt. 
This app also has a free item offer posted every Friday that is good for the weekend!
Cash out through Paypal when you claim $5! 

SHOPMIUM is another app you "discover" products on. You will need to scan the items that match the rebate that you purchased and upload a picture of your receipt. 
Money for these rebates are credited right to your bank account!
Use my referral code FFGFHCWF to receive a FREE Lindt chocolate bar!

SNAP BY GROUPON- Upload your receipt within two days of a purchase of an item that has a rebate!
Claim $20 and you can cash out through paypal or directly to your bank account!

JINGIT is the perfect app for every day groceries and essentials we buy! You will need to reserve the products you plan on buying up to 24 hours before and upload your reciept within that time frame. There is no cash out limit for this app either, so you can deposit your rebates right to your bank account! 
Get started here: 

Lastly, we have SHRINK! First you earn points for buying certain products, then you can turn your points into cash rebates for buying the selected products!
Get started here: or use referral code QLDXUD

I hope you find these apps as helpful as I find them! Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have!
Happy savings!